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A ledgendary person that comes from Birmingham, England
Wow, i wish i could be as kool as that brummie
by Andy July 13, 2003
Location: Southern California.
Label: Drive Thru Records
Music/Style: Strong political and social messages through intese lyrics. Has evolved from strong ska roots into completely indescribable style. Definately not an emo band.
The Rx Bandits are the most amazing live band I have ever seen.
by Andy April 20, 2004
Prime Minister of Britain. Often mis-spelt as Blair, the correct spelling is Bliar because he lies so much.
Where are the WMD's, eh Tony? What a fucking liar.
by Andy July 22, 2004
Someone who exemplifies rather large amounts of crybaby-bullshit in order to: 1) get sympathy from the people around him/her.
2) make them self feel like less of a dumbass
"somebody shut chris the hell up. no one cares about his wussy knuckle"
by andy November 26, 2003
1) a Bolshevik, or someone accused of having Bolshevik (communist) leanings).

2) (more commonly) an adjective meaning that someone is very assertive in the pursuit of something and/or hostile to authoritarian manoeuvres by others. A bolshy person gets cross if confronted and is likely to say "what's it to you?", "mind your own business" and stuff like that a lot.

3) also the name of a short-lived youth magazine run by the Alliance for Workers' Liberty.
He was getting stroppy with me, so I started getting bolshy.

A lot of students get a bit bolshy after a few pints.
by Andy April 20, 2004
Anti-Gravity Ball Sack Capacitor. IE: The feeling you get when something made you extremely happy, similar to when you are on a rollercoaster ride and your balls float up and feel neat.
My team just won the Stanley Cup, and my AGBSC was activated.
by Andy November 30, 2004
Stadium of Pride, as opposed to the Cauldron of Nightmares at Old Trafford, Manchester.
This is Anfield.
by Andy September 23, 2003
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