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1) When combined with "the," used to describe something that is the best, greatest.

2) Without a preceeding the, is use to describe something that is the worst.
1) Man, this weed is the shit! I can barely feel my feet!

2) Man, this weed is shit. It tastes like Oregano.
by Andy November 03, 2002
A good person who dosn't judge.

A person that can make you feel special in the world.

A person who knows how to have fun.

A person who isn't arrogent.
Ah, theres that lovely aquarian.
by Andy April 04, 2005
1) Term used to describe a sexy or attractive person.

2) Term used to describe something that is great, wonderful, awesome.
That bitch is bangin' yo! I look bangin' tonight.

Man, that shit is bangin'!
by Andy November 03, 2002
Where naughty Ulster Unionists go.
Ian Paisley: Don't fuck the pope, or you'll go to Hull.
by Andy May 13, 2004
1. The only word in the English language with a silent 'C' at the beginning. (Alternate spelling: rap)
I can't believe you're listening to this crap.
by Andy November 30, 2004
The well-documented process by which the Right in America, who control of much of the American Media (see Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, Liberal Media)hypocritically attack a liberal (see Bill Clinton) for something that would go unnoticed if a conservative had done it, all the while downplaying any piece of news that is unfavorable to their agenda.
Bill clinton is an immoral liar. "But I didn't inhale." Puh-leese!
Why should George W. Bush have to answer accusations about his former coke-habit?
by Andy September 14, 2003
to laugh in a really cute bubbly manner
Christine has the cutest giggle and i wanna smack that ass.
by Andy October 02, 2003
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