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157 definitions by AL

a burger acquired from an unverifiable source, such as as a late night snack following kicking out time at a nightclub. Usually sold from a mobile kitchen. Often very worthwhile - they can be tasty, filling and inexspensive, especially when sold in daylight hours on main roads to sober drivers and passengers, but when sold to drunks after midnight will probably consist of stray cats and toast. Origin - Midlands, UK.
next little chef is about ten miles up - wait - Pull over! pull over! it's the dirty burger van! We're saved!
by Al December 28, 2004
a creature that preys on old men in public. Only appears to be able to devour them from armpits down.
Good god take control of the pants monster before it gets over your head.
by Al March 29, 2005
Performing cunnilingus for an extended length of time.
I love to gamahauch my wife. I could do it all night long.
by Al February 16, 2005
1. State of complete intoxication (ie, hammered, floored, wasted, smashed, destroyed, etc...).

2. When the total cost of repairs to a vehicle excedes the total appraissed value of the vehicle.

3. On a driving penalty scale, one up from DWI 3rd offense, one down from attempted automotive manslaughter (except in states where the above are equivalent).
1. I got so totaled I passed out on the bar last night.

2. My insurance provider told me to start looking for a new car when I totaled mine.

3. Al: I was drinking and driving last night, and something bad happened.
Al: Nah, I totaled my car.
by Al October 14, 2003
a fiery rebellion of the bowels, caused by undigested spices irritating the gut and propmpting violent evacuation of said tract.
"jim mate, get off the pot, I need a slash"
"No way man, got curry bum,I'm here for the night. uuurgh"
by Al February 05, 2005
Kind of like non-alcoholic beer, or decafinated sugar-free soda. Why swear if you're not going to piss people off?
"Fudge, sugar, butt, witch, Booke Shields" just isn't as good as "fuck, shit, ass, bitch, Barbara Striesand".
by Al October 27, 2003
1. An implementaion of the idea that some things are to vulgar, disturbing, or otherwise unpleasant to be talked about, printed, or shown in media. These media are edited/not released to the public, based on the norms of society.

2. A tool used by those in power to control the flow of information, and subsequent opinions, of those not in power.
1. The movie was "cleverly" dubbed over to eliminate swearing, which is a form of censorship.

2. Censorship has, over time, led many people to believe that those who are wealthy are more intelligent, fit, or worthy than those who are not (and corporate America owns these peoples' minds).
by Al October 12, 2003