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1. Two- or three- toed tree-dwelling mamal. The sloth's slowness is caused by it's inability to move more than one major voluntary muscle at a time. Needless to say, sloth reproduction is hilarious.

2. One of the seven deadly sins -- a sort of laziness. According to Catholic Doctrine, all laziness is a sub-form of sloth (much as all anger is a sub-form of wrath), but to truly epitomize sloth, you must be unwilling to take action -- even to help yourself -- out of simple laziness.
1. The sloth is nature's ultimate prey.

2. I was going to shower this week, but then I had an attack of sloth.
by Al February 13, 2005
Boobs that are large for the sole reason that the girl is fat.
Bob: That girl is hot, she's got a nice rack.

Bill: Those are floobs, man, what are you talking about?
by al September 30, 2003
an expression of apathy stemming from frustration
"yo, you wanna go over stuff for the politics test next period"
by al December 11, 2004
1. Any beer. Particularly refers to heavy, full bodied beers, which can be very filling.

2. Guiness, or Irish Breakfast, as it is also called.
1. I don't need lunch; I just had some liquid bread.

2. Guiness is the closest you'll ever get to liquid bread without putting a loaf of Wonderbread into a blender.
by Al February 09, 2004
Spam javelin. Pork sword. Meat maypole. Salami shagpipe. Turkey drumstick. Lamb length. Kebab tube. Mutton muff masher.
by Al October 13, 2003
1. An exploitation of electronic censorship programs' limmited scope in preventing profane language and letting users enter text at the same time.
"Herpes mongering man-whore" is a phrase allowed by many a "profanity free" chatroom.
by Al October 12, 2003
The act of having sex with 1 girl and then meeting up with another shortly after (3-5 hours) and having her perform oral on you.
Yeah, suck that SaLtY DoG!!
by Al April 04, 2003

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