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1. You're screwed because your significant other has been fucking the plumber for the past 12 months.

2 You're screwed because your boss is going to bitch at you for doing your job, or, as he sees it, not doing enough to "further company productivity", probably by giving him head.
1. We need to talk Al. You're just not as good in bed as your brother, who, incedentally, I started screwing two days after we met.

2. We need to talk Al. You haven't been working 10 hours overtime a week for no pay, filing in your copious spare time, or doing anything else so insanely outside of your job description or beneath your skill -level that I can be happy with you.
by Al October 14, 2003
1. An implementaion of the idea that some things are to vulgar, disturbing, or otherwise unpleasant to be talked about, printed, or shown in media. These media are edited/not released to the public, based on the norms of society.

2. A tool used by those in power to control the flow of information, and subsequent opinions, of those not in power.
1. The movie was "cleverly" dubbed over to eliminate swearing, which is a form of censorship.

2. Censorship has, over time, led many people to believe that those who are wealthy are more intelligent, fit, or worthy than those who are not (and corporate America owns these peoples' minds).
by Al October 12, 2003
marijuana, mary jane
Bring the gallo with you.
by al March 14, 2005
Is a toy used by young children to prepare them for heroin ediction, it teaches them how to "shoot up" heroin.
Elmo convulced as Jonny shot him up with heroin.
by al January 13, 2005
adj., one who does coke.
that girl is messing up her life. she's still snowy.
by al November 12, 2004
NyNiCk said:
"People seem to think to "wax" something or to "wax" someone is strictly to fuck or bust a nut. "Wax" also means for a male to perform fellatio on a female."

You cannot perform fellatio on a female. The correct word for performing oral sex on a female is cunnilingus. Whether performed by a male or female is irrelevant.

You can only perform fellatio on a man.
My girlfriend and I did a 69 last night. She performed fellatio on me while I was performing cunnilingus on her.
by Al March 20, 2005
n., a term referring to a lunch-break used to have sex as opposed to eat lunch; origin: "sex" and "lunch"
"we're going to go for some slunch."
by al November 10, 2004

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