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Sometimes, when you hear something really amazing or shocking, you need to come up with a response worthy of this situation. You're frantically hunting around for the right thing to say, when your brain, which you pretty well beat into oblivion long ago by hanging out on a street corner smoking crack, completely sells you out. And instead of the right word -- or any word, really -- you just say "word?". Or at least I'm convinced that is how this came into being as popular slang.
Random Bystander: Oh my God, that 40 ft gerbil is savagely raping a man!
Urban Youth: Word?
by Al March 09, 2005
1. The idea of an embodiment of human decency, intellect, and life-force. A certain intangible that makes people "human".

2. Something most people who post on this site would apparently sell for a large fries and a Big-Gulp drink at McDonald's.
1. Even though the existence of a soul can't be proven, many people feel "connected to" others, or that humans are superior to animals in an undefinable way.

2. Milhouse gave Bart $5 for his soul on the Simpsons -- at the time this was supposed to be farcical, but like most of satire, this incedent has become a direct parallel of reality.
by Al October 12, 2003
1. A blatant truism, based on the fact that nobody is exactly identical to anyone else.

2. A PC saying designed to push a liberal social agenda which normalizes and accepts non-normative behaviors as part of a whole, functional, society.
1. Sally and Ralph are not the same person. This is because people are unique, ie, everybone is different.

2. Bill is a high-functioning alcoholic homosexual with neo-Nazi political views and a penchant for exposing himself in public. Ah well, everyone is different.
by Al November 14, 2003
v., to beat someone at (a race, game, etc.) so badly that you teach them a 'lesson' in how to be better at whatever it is they lost at
yo, i'm gonna totally school you at vice city
by al December 11, 2004
A slang word for sex during the early 20th century.
I'm going to jazz you good, baby.
by Al June 11, 2004
Someone who is continually after the cooch.
Danny is a cooch-pirate.
by Al September 23, 2003
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