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receiving head while on the shitter and drinking a beer.
Dave received a beer blumpkin @ the bar last night.
by al May 21, 2004
comes from the term bad weed and jungle weed, real crappy weed.
dude this is some fuckin bungle weed
by al April 01, 2005
deoderant, used when time is short or the showers aren't working. Usually in a post-sport setting
Hey Grant, got any shower in a can? Can't be arsed haing a shower, need a beer
by Al January 26, 2005
Riding Under the Influence. When you are "operating" a bicycle/ scooter/ skateboard while on drugs or alcohol. This is actually illegal in many US states.
I tried to avoid drinking and driving by riding a bicycle to the bar, but then I got busted for RUI by this asshole cop.
by Al February 19, 2005
An oxyacetylene cutting torch. So called because it runs on gas, and is useful for chopping things off quickly (albeit none too neatly).
"it's way too thick for a hacksaw, we'll be hare 'til christmas. Best take the gas-axe to it"
by Al December 28, 2004
1. (MAD) Any situation or course of action which ensures the total erradication of all parties involved.

2. Often used to describe what would have happened in the Cold War Era were one side to have attacked the other using nuclear weapons, causing the other side to retaliate, ensuring the nuclear obliteration of most of Asia and North America.
1. When Phil and Bob entered into that gay-suicide-love-pact, they were pursuing a course of mutually assured destruction.

2. Mutually assured destruction never happened in the Cold War -- look around you people; we're living in America, not the movie Cyborg.
by Al October 12, 2003
The act of having sex with 1 girl and then meeting up with another shortly after (3-5 hours) and having her perform oral on you.
Yeah, suck that SaLtY DoG!!
by Al April 04, 2003
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