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157 definitions by AL

Originally used in reference to people imitating the fashion or style of cowboys. These people wore the hats, but had no experience on the ranch -- thus, all hat, no cattle. Similar to talking the talk without walking the walk (which was originally used in reference to wanabe gunslingers).
Roger says he's a great cook, but he sliced his thumb off trying to peel a potato. He's all hat, no cattle.
by Al September 28, 2006
A large-sized dingleberry, which clings to the hair or wool around the anus.
When she examined her anus in the shower, her fingers encountered a butt nut the size of a soy bean.
by Al January 24, 2003
verb - to fight, or to knock someone out. Also means to jump someone, like a surprise attack
naaah!! Man You stole my girl!! You're gonna get BROOKED!!
by AL April 27, 2004
The poster known as Djimbe has been utterly proven to be a liar and a fake. The Bullshido Administration have decided to take action and notify all posters through this signature of Djimbe's past claims:

* Tigerfly can own collegiate wrestlers
* Telling wrestlers what is or is not a shoot when he doesn't wrestle
* He can break Rickson's forearms at will and could beat him in a streetfight
* TF's workout regime surpases those of pro athletes
* All Judo/BJJ comes from Qin-na
* He claimed he had an upcoming MMA fight
* He thinks he could take Matt Thorton
* He thinks he's more skilled than Asia (no one has seen that at any throwdowns). The implication at the time was fighting, not just Baji.
* Grappling and beating two BJJers at once
* People must ask his instructor permission before opening up a school in Chinatown.
* "its really not all that hard to pick up (ground grappling) if your Chinese Standing Grappling game was tight in the first place" -he has no clue as to what grappling is.
* Three months at his XingYi place and TF could destroy a bjj blue belt in grappling.

Also please, when responding to a djimbe post, use The Djimbe Translator
Djimbe is a fat tub of lard that could break Rickson's forearms.
by al March 11, 2005
Making lots of money
I'm stackin money up to the sky
by al April 03, 2005
A Bullshit, manufactured catchphrase used by the Bush administration to deceive the American Public.

In truth, it refers to Mr. Bush's personal crusade to avenge his father's inability to capture Saddam.

It is the Bullshit operation by the US Military to invade Iraq - which all began when Mr. Bush started lying about "weapons of mass destruction."

What a coincidence that these supposed weapons DIDN'T EVEN EXIST after we sent our troops to DIE in the Middle East.

The same type of political bullshit which came to define the Vietnam War era
There goes Mr. Bush lying to us again. Oh well, just another "Operation Iraqi Freedom"
by Al January 30, 2004
Acronym for Random Boner Syndrome. Pretty self explanatory, but it happens when you're just sitting there and randomly get a boner. Usually not spurred by anything.
"Yo man, I was sittin in class one day and got hit with RBS."
"Well, the teacher called on me, and I had to go up to the board. Everyone laughed."
"Yeah, that's cause yo wang is small, guy."
by Al April 21, 2004