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1. Synonym for Batman (Bruce Wayne).
2. Ninja.
3. College student who knows more about true Hip-Hop than B.E.T., Chris Brown, T.I., T. Pain, and many other rappers combined.
1. person 1: "Where's Rashid?"
person 2: "Do you mean Batman?"

2. Rashid is so ninja! (or) Rashid's a ninja!

3. Rashid says: "If you want true Hip-Hop look at Common, Ice Cube, Method Man, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Tupac, Biggie Smalls,..."

by yoei October 22, 2007
Synonym for amazing, found in all major dictionaries
Being hench whilst having unbelievable tekkers.
OMG I love him, he's Rashid!
by Madting1 May 17, 2011
guy that loves fat girls
dude, you're a chubby chaser? your name must be Rashid.
by handlebarzzz September 09, 2015
a guy who goof around about sex and if you get near he well act that he's going to rape you so he's more like a pedophile and a hardcore about FPS games and a little bit about RPG also like listen to rap he's favorite rappers are eminem - lilwyan and wiz khlifa
Rashid:*goof's around*

you:get the fuck down -_-

Rashid:*humps you from behind*
by mrl33tnoob May 20, 2011
Black person that thinks they are Emo!
GUY 1: Can black people be emo
GUY 2: Naww that is just a Rashid!
by adriegan1 June 24, 2009
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