To Get Noffed or to take Noff means getting high. Noff being the word for weed and a Noffer being a stoner.
Bradley -"Dude I'm so high right now!"

Giles-"Your a complete Noffer!"
by The Noffer September 24, 2011
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It’s the day BIG BOOTY BITCHES were born. If you’re born on this day you will get tired of every mf teacher at school and want to jump out of the window. But when you’re at home you will be the fricking best! Lovely person and always happy except at school ‘cause fack that shit
BEST FRICKING PERSON: Hi I’m born on 21 march 2003.
Person2: omg you’re a big booty bitch, nice
by ~ a big booty bitch October 06, 2020
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Girl 1: Are you watching gossip girl tonight?

Girl 2: Of course. If I didn't, I wouldn't get to see Nate Archibald. And my life wouldn't be complete.
by Boycrazierthanyou December 30, 2012
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a friendship terminating action. a premeditated plan of something awful towards another close to you, with evil intention. a practical joke gone too far.
after being made fun of for being a dog lover, i thought sneaking my best friends dead dog into his bed would teach him a lesson, but my decieviouse actions led my best friend to suicide.
by drnk.tired.smlpenis December 08, 2010
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Cruining is a combination of crooning and ruining. It refers to the "art" of ruining a perfectly good song through a miserable attempt at karaoke.
What's that awful sound?

Oh, that's Art cruining another Beatles song.
by Prof. Jake January 10, 2006
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The gentleman whose picture is on the Cream of Wheat box.
Rastus has had his picture on the Cream of Wheat box since the 1890s.
by Cap'n Bullmoose August 06, 2005
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