Harley Is A Very Beautiful Girl, She Is Often Shy But Once You Know Her She Wont Shut Up. Harley's Often Have Blue-Green Eyes, And Can Be Very Stubborn, But Are Awesome Best Friends.
by Fab Masta~ May 22, 2015
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defined as being the sum of a pimps social capital, life relvelations, learnied wisdom, soft spoken persuation, and the pimp dialect or the metaphorical language pimps spit.
"The stock market has always been 100% when it comes to pussy,The worlds oldest profession,Yah it's still alive,
No matter what the consequences,A trick 'gun still buy it,
No matter how sick they make it,A hard stick gunna still wanna play it.......Yah, daddy fucked it up,Rollin' dice with the boys,Yah niggas pay for pussy,Whether it's at the tity bar,Or outta the car,Yah niggas pay for pussy".....(thats pimpalation)

- snoop dogg's "pay for pussy" track
by "Witty" Howard November 02, 2009
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Coon like.
Clyde - "I was listening to some really coonicular music last night!"
by CuntMint October 18, 2009
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Person 1: Bruh did you see Maaz's new video he is so fucking cringe
person 2: okay then
by brrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh- October 09, 2019
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definitely not a larping, english teaching nonce (maybe, possibly, slightly, yeah))
Jimmy T'Pint: IM NOT A NONCE!
Jimmt T'Pint: Dont make me beat you into submission
by noncebait February 08, 2019
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This word means.. happy. BTS J-hope used this word with BTS Jimin.
J-hope: "You look so.. hepi"
Jimin: "Yes I am hepi"
J-hope:: "why are you so hepi"
Jimin: "umm.." *tries to conjure up the sentence since his english is weak*
J-hope: "oh my gad, my heart is... my heart iss....."
Jimin: "I am hepi because going to LA"
J-hope: "Los angellessou"
Jimin: "LA maaan!"
by LittleBrownGirlXxX February 17, 2017
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