She is kind, very warm hearted and does not like to be lied to. She has a good goal for everyone. If you can sit down and listen to her she will explain to you how to feel good. Her whole goal is to help. That's why she is going to be a wife of mine.
Kasity is a mother.
by KyleNamloh October 11, 2020
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1. Permisable Man Slaughter
2. Putting up with Men's Shit
3. Pissing of My Spouse.
The reason of the death of her husband was pms.
by Genny April 29, 2004
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better and faster than your p.o.s. GM, and they look much,much better
That ford is so much quicker than my GM
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
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You are swanke when you got yo' lean on so deep in yo' whip that you gotta order your 24 hour Arby's thru the rear drivers side window.
by Trent Daddy Dollar$ November 04, 2003
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When a person's breath smells like dog shit.
My boss had such a bad case of crap mouth, I almost barfed after he came into my office to talk to me.
After drinking coffee that was quite old, i developed a bad case of crap mouth.
by Doobee1168 August 03, 2009
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The art of performing oral sex to a willingly man or womans anus.
by shayleenasmythe April 02, 2010
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