The deadliest disorder known to history. When a female is so horny she decides to cheat on her bf
Yo my girl developed hoeitis and cheated on me. That whore
by Mooseking69 October 05, 2019
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The fine line between "boring" and "annoying" in which something has ceased to be simply tedious and you have started contemplating violent, physical action.
Waiting for the movie to start was so bornoying, I began to wonder how many taser shots I could withstand if I started making a scene.

That TV show started out good but quickly became bornoying when they used the catchphrase 10 times in less than a minute.
by Drunken Scotsman July 11, 2011
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a) an average married male's (not just a politician's!!!!) drama-filled cast of multiple mistresses
b) (offensive): -for men- genital herpes as a result of having had too many sex partners, not just wives and mistresses.

c) (misogynistic in most cases): oral cold sores on women, which may have resulted from said woman being " sexually immoral"
if you find a bimbo eruption def a), in your husband's skeleton closet, you may want to consider being in a lamm, or go into a Mr. and Mrs. Smith scenario. if you are a sexually immoral man with dirty hands, and if the law can't punish you you might as well deserve a bimbo eruption def b).
by sexydimma February 27, 2018
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The most beautiful, intelligent, courageous, funy, and heart warming person of all time.
"Aw man i wish i was YOU."
by Everything is taken so October 21, 2015
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here is a good comeback:
hey! u keep my mum outta this, and i'll keep 'this' outta ur mum
ya mum, huhuhuh im an idiot who uses this insult to everything
well, (use comeback here, u devilishly smart guy u)
by jason hua August 17, 2004
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When a guy takes it upon himself to introduce an unsuspecting woman to anal sex. Much dissapproval on the woman's behalf usually arupts upon the initial insertion into the rectum.
The best way to go about it is not to ask her... just try the good ol' poop shoot riot.
by MrRoche November 25, 2004
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Yahweh is LOVE!
JOHN 3:8,
He who does not love,
does not know Yahweh,
by Jess Dawn Donmie May 20, 2009
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