A girl who is sweet, kind, smart, goofy, intelligent, beautiful and an amazing friend to have. She will always be there for you and help you out with your problems and will never judge you. She can be a little spoiled at times but doesn't Bragg or even likes to bring it up at times. Overall princess is just an amazing person in general. She is also a bold and brave.
Princess is an amazing friend.

selfless smart giving
by pjobigsis March 13, 2017
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The collective history and the sum of all knowledge available about a certain fantasy or sci-fi universe.
- Do you know an RPG with a good story?
- Yeah, the Elder Scrolls games have quite the lore.
by Twyzëas June 10, 2015
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She is the most intelligent girl u will ever meet. She is Always right and Always will be kind. She is always kind about anything even if u get her mad. She wont let you cry , she will cheer you up until you feel better. She can be mean but she can be super nice. She is beautiful also. She the type of person you can date and talk to with anything. She is loyal and will never betray you. You can trust her with anything but when it comes to getting her mad she can be mean.
“I love you cali”
by Donttuserealname October 21, 2019
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This was the phrase an angst teen said on the Dr. Phil show. Her accent made it sound different, but she said "Catch me outside, how 'bout dat?" (meaning: "you so tough, lets take this outside to fight"). But since it "sounded like "Cash", that has taken off on the internet.
by Magcfox February 10, 2017
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(n.) a common name used to mock/describe a Black woman from the inner city...this name would include all of the stereotypes: long fake braids, big butt, ghetto voice
Damn, this biatch keeps flipping her digusting horse hair on me...! Yo Shaniqua, get your shiat out of my face!
by CNC March 25, 2005
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a strategy/tactic for noobs, russians players and sometimes desperate professionals in cs:go which they have to purchase P90 and rush to bombsite b in de_dust2
Pro: We're loosing hope guys!
Russian: No Comrade, RUSH B NO STOP!
by Beggar's Bazooka May 09, 2016
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