A ANSI Text Editor based game released in 1991 by Epic Megagames (specifically Tim Sweeny) supposedly standing for "Zoo of Zero Tolerance." Because of its charmingly simple game editor and programming system included within, it has gone on to have a cult following on the internet, with many "zzters" (many of whom teenagers with too much time on their hands) creating new game files.
Hey, did you play Burglar yet? That some fine zzt!
by Rothul October 4, 2003
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an abreviation of the legendary band ZZ Top (pronounced /ˌzeeːzeeːˈtop/) is an American hard rock band formed in late 1969
That was a awesome zzt concert !
I need those zzt glasses !
by Mfunn August 9, 2008
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a hot girl, code so they dont know what your talking about
Hey zzt zzt!
"dude that girls a zzt zzt"
"zzt zzt (pointing at hot girl)"
by Joshua Pearson February 21, 2009
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