Do you want to bill up inside before we go out to smoke?
by high as a kite April 20, 2004
(bill-up) to roll/smoke some kush, also said "ball up" used by smokers threw out T-dot.
"yo hommie I just coped a pack of backwoods and a Q lets bill up!"

"Im so down broski link me when your at my block"
by peshyMcDilla March 10, 2013
to roll a joint, zoot, spliff etc.
i'm gonna park up here so we can bill up; i beg you bill me a spliff.
by blabsta February 5, 2008
When someone fucks up so bad they come up with any excuse to make it not their fault
"Damn can't believe I just backed into that truck, better bill the fuck up!"

"Man I just ran over that shovel better bill the Fuck up and yell at who ever left it there"
by Captan Ging Beard January 19, 2017