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although "zut" traditionally means "damn it!" in french, it is also a word that one uses to replace a swear word of any sort in a french fashion, without being glared at for improper or inappropriate use of language.
note to readers: i strongly recomment "zut" to replace all existing swear words due to its remarkable flexability of stretching to other forms.
Person A: Why, hello, there.
Person B: what the zut do you want?
Person A: huh?
Person B: Zut off u zutten zut.
Person A: i am ever so lost.
Person B: you should zutten be. zut up.
Person A: i was merely asking for a conversation.
Person B: zutten hell!! Zut up for the fifteenth zutting time, the zuttled up zut.
Person A: ok...cheerio, then.
Person B: o, by the way, you're mum's a zutty zut. i zutted her last zutten night.
Person A: ZUT!
by frilly fill October 9, 2005
"Peanut Of My Property" -- the best of my property, apple of my property sort of thing.
one often writes POMP on their best belongings, or labels something as their POMP at the time.
"this peanut is my pomp."
"im pomping my boyfriend at the moment."
by frilly fill October 10, 2005
Man Of the Moment.
1) one tends to label their male crush as "mom". the Mom is considered to be the guy that they are crazy over at that moment.
2) one tends to label the male hero at the time, or the person most involved at that moment.
"OH MY GOD!!!! they are so HOT!! i think it's my mom..."
"Yep, that's my mom. he just gave birth to me."
by frilly fill October 10, 2005
1) a word one uses when one does not know the name of someone or something. the word tends to pop into ones mind at the appropriate time. most convenient, yes.

2) a substitute or alternative to using a word that one does now feel comfortable saying
"why, hello, what's your name, Mrs. Thingo?"
"pass me that um...thingo please."
"wow your thingo is so long."
"just a minute. im thingo-ing your grandma."
"what's that thingo called again?"
"shutup or ill kick your thingo."
by frilly fill October 9, 2005