Largest Swiss city on the face of this planet.
Population is roughly 300,000 and has large foreign proportions (mostly Germans, Italian, American, British).
Average income's high and so is cost of living.
Beautiful lake, awesome climate. Nice women.
Terrific universities.
American dude: "Yo dawg. Where them Zurich at? Yo-diggy-dee-doo."
British dude: "Hello fella. The splendid city of Zurich is located by the Lake of Zurich and as you may notice lies in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Interestingly, Switzerland has four lingual divisions, i.e. parts where French, German, Italian and Romansk are sp..."
American dude: "Yo what the dillio is you's tellings me dawg. Shut them mouth of yourz f00. I's them big dawg you feggin Brit. Yo. Dillio. Apple Pie. SUV. Mc D's dawg."

Swiss dude: "I cho es huara geile Poppeshaerli."
German dude: "What? I didn't get that. Speak German f00."
by DaSwissyFuzz August 27, 2006
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A city in Switzerland that is constantly being owned by Basel in every way possible.
Guy from Zurich: "Do saichsch in Ofä!"
Guy from Basel: "d'Züri schiint dään z'soone... >.< Dobbeli"
by CharlieBuck April 04, 2011
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The greatest town known to man kind. It is a known fact that if you know someone from Lake Zurich they will be the coolest person you have ever met in your life, unless of course you know another person from Lake Zurich.
Oh you are probably the coolest person I've ever met, you must be from Lake Zurich.
by LakeZurich April 16, 2009
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The Shithole of America. majority of population fells as though it is nice, but it is truly just made for adults that don't want to worry about shit. every community building is obviously geared towards adults, and ever teenager is supposed to get a kick out of doing nothing. FUCK LAKE ZURICH
Jim: yo dude, want to go to Lake Zurich?

by PEACE_ESKIMO June 14, 2009
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A person living in Lake Zurich, IL who is convinced that they're actually living somewhere in the deep south. They typically wear something camo everywhere they go, ready to hunt the nonexistant wildlife of Lake Zurich at any time. Some opt for wearing construction clothes in an effort to convince you they actually do something for a living other than think up ways to look more redneck. All drive pickup trucks and brag about going muddin even though their trucks have never gone off the pavement.
"Hey man, did you see the Lake Zurich football team beat Stevenson last night?"
"No, i was too busy watching re-runs of Duck Dynasty and practicing my fake southern accent."
"Oh shut the fuck up you fake fucking Lake Zurich Redneck this is Lake Zurich not Macon, Georgia."
by chiefman67 September 24, 2013
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a day in which you find and beat the heck out of a fat guy, usually with a large forehead.
zurich day actually has no specific date, but it is said to occur every tuesday.
guy: hey, its Joe Rooke ! lets celebrate Zurich day! we can beat the shit out of him using random objects in this room!

Joe: lololololololol pwnorz. i suck teh hax'd penis.
by billo sadgiyev March 06, 2008
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Lake Zurich High School is a huge school of over 2,000 students that is located in NW Illinois. It won some bullshit football and cheerleader competitions and has a bunch of clubs that only the nerds know about. However it recently became famous for two huge scandals. The first was in the fall of 2016 where football players were charged with hazing and making younger player perform sexual acts and do really sick shit. Several lawsuits by the parents were filled against the school. The second was in March, 2017, when a huge sexting scandal of hundreds of HS girls that included over 700 very nasty and slutty nude and porn photos where found when some dumb kid created a Google Doc online that included the school's address. All the naughty girls were talked to and warned not to be such attention seeking hoes and sluts or at least be quieter about being such naughty hoes. No charges were filled and some parents even complained that their poor naughty hoe daughters were being harassed.
Lake Zurich High School sucks but sure has a whole lot of serious hoes and weird sexual shit going on there.
by oceancats March 21, 2017
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