When outdoor writer Jim Zumbo wrote a piece on his weblog that was derogatory towards semi-automatic rifles used in the context of varmint hunting a grass roots tidal wave of protest caused him to loose all of his lucrative deals with Outdoor Life,Remington, Cabellas, etc within 48 hours of his post.
Zumbo got lumped into the "Fudd" camp, shooters that do not understand or truly support the 2nd Amendment and believe that it somehow has something to do with hunting.
Wow, you sure got "zumboed"!
Careful now, you don't want to get "zumboed" do you?
You had better get educated on the subject before you get
Your ignorance is sure to get you "zumboed".
by Ken Zimms February 27, 2007
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1. Zumbo ~ ( thanks to Outdoorlife writer "Jim Zumbo" )

(a) A name usually given to FUDD's who are quisling's to the 2nd Amendment.

(b) Short for "Zumbified, Zumboite, zomboned, or Zumborrhea."

(c) People called or associated with a traitorous act against the 2nd Amendment civil rights of others.

(d) It literally means "dumb ass"
by BCR-SHoRTY February 26, 2007
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1.) A person who speaks from ignorance.

2.) A person who has his head buried so far up his ass he can't see the truth.

See that Zumbo over there, he used to be a well known outdoor writer until he pissed off the masses with some ignorant statement about banning guns.
by ak47n February 28, 2007
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Someone that doesn't care what happens to something of yours as long as they are able to keep what they love.

Also: Somebody living a lie for extended periods of time.
That dude zumboed me when he threw my seeing eye cat at the Wal-mart greeter, so he could steal a friggin GI JOE.


I thought my bud was down, turns out he's just a Zumbo.
by Arfcom February 19, 2007
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a man who watches womens workout videos for the sole purpose of exercise.
No dude, tim is a zumbo he got those abs doing pilates.Oh that's really gay.
by JohnMcCccain August 15, 2008
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a green monster with many teeth a oval like head found in a video by tiktoker @awesome_huggywuggy
"Guys what one is your favourite? Huggy wuggy, seek, scary blue, zumbo sauce, bam bam, umm nam nam...
by zumbosauce123 August 14, 2023
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A life changing quote by Awesome Huggy Wuggy. Video was made on tiktok, showing the fall of horror.
Guys, what one is your favorite? Huggy Wuggy, Seek, scary Blue, Zumbo Sauce, Banban, Nabnab… Um, I forgot his name, the frog dude, and, um, yeah. Snow Seline, Banbalina, Stinger Flynn, Opila Bird, and Awesome Huggy Wuggy. This is, uh, me but like I don’t wanna use it. Blue and, uh, I mean, um, Kissy Missy, Killy Willy, um, Choo Choo Charles, right, Boxy Boo but like not evil, and we have evil Boxy Boo. We have Squid Game Huggy Wuggy. We have baby Huggy Wuggy, and Blue, and Freddy Fazbear, oinky oink oink. We have creepy Green. We have happy Huggy Wuggy. Look how happy he is, and we have "What the hell?" We have nobody cares Huggy Wuggy.
by Orestan12 August 30, 2023
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