To wipe one's knob in the curtains of a posh bird's house having had sex.
After me ride I zuffled.
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
to wipe your cock on the curtains after having sex at a posh bird's house
by Ben Bashford March 18, 2003
when i had sex with a posh bird i wiped my cock on her curtain and thats when i tought of the word "zuffle"
put your willy in a posh fanny and wipe you cock on there curtain
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
To wipe the seminal fluid from the penis after intercourse, usually employing the nearest item of soft furnishing available
'Having coughed my filthy yoghurt all over Jade's face, I was happy to zuffle her curtains before leaving'
by Stef November 6, 2003
A coat that has had numerous knobs wiped on it after sex.
A white crispy coating on a posh bird's curtains
"I'm just popping out to the chemist's for some more french ticklers,, it's a bit nippy so I'll put on my old Zuffle Coat as my good one's at the dry cleaners"
"Careful when you're opening the curtains love, it's got quite a zuffle coat on it".