Zombies, Oh-my-god: an acronym often used as internet slang.
ZOMG a kitty!!1111 ZOMG, get the guns! ZOMG I love the blood on your face, how do you get that color? ZOMG, can I have your leg when you are done with it?
by Bob Evan July 06, 2008
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Comes from omg; however, players in world of warcraft got tired screaming omg (o-m-g) thus the "z" apeared making the world of warcraft players very happy: zoh-my-god!!!
zomg i got fucking ninjad!zomg
by Vanillabeast September 10, 2006
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zOMG is a free browser-based MMO created by GaiaOnline.com, a site combining social networking, avatars, and fantastical themes.
Oh crap, the lawn gnome on zOMG just dazed me!

I'm going to go play zOMG! Be back later.
by CleoS January 19, 2011
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it is a jewish version of OMG. (Z stands for ZIONIST). It is supposed to appeal to the good old punishing God and none of that soft and weepy JC crap.
zomg u suck, hitting that draw every time, fu smd gg
by Ahinogood June 25, 2009
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A word based off the acronym OMG contrary to popular belief the z does stand for something.

Zombies! Oh my God!=ZOMG
Zomg! JESUS!
Zomg! WTF!? GTFO n00b!
by SI L EX May 10, 2008
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