Zombie walk is when a loving man has his partner put one hand on the wall and pulls back the other to cut off the circulation while performing anal sex. Towards climax, he performs a donkey punch and then a dead leg. After your partner is set free, they will be dizzy, lurch around on one leg and keep one arm held out for balance.
by TadaoG May 27, 2009
When one takes a stinky dump in a public place (work,restaurant, etc.) and realizes that there isn't any air freshener. The person then procedes to lather up their hands with soap and walk around the bathroom waving their hands and generally milling about like a zombie so that the scent of the soap covers up the smell of the dump.
Guy 1 -"Hey, I just took the nastiest dump in there"
Guy 2 -"Did you atleast spray?"
Guy 1 -"No they ran out, but don't worry. I zombie walked it so it should be okay".
by Kid Bobby April 15, 2008
A large gathering of people dressed up as zombies and walking around a public place calling out for brains, trying to scare "conservative" people, and proving to us all that individuals are capable of making bigger asses of themselves than ever thought possible.
"Hey, are you participating in the zombie walk?"

"No I'm not a knob"

by Jordanzzzzzzzzz May 7, 2008
Zombie walks consist of one or more extremely intoxicated people who leave the party walking with no apparent place to go and no goals set for the walk. Zombie walks usually end at a 24 hour fast food restaraunt, and require a sober person to decipher the mumbled directions of the person who drunk dialed them and then come give them a ride home.
We got so thrashed last night we zombie walked to Wendy's, ordered a bunch of food, and did not even have the money to pay. Jake drunk dialed his girlfriend, and she spent half an hour trying to figure out which Wendy's we were at so she could give us a ride home.
by ryanjriggy August 12, 2009
1.Noun: a walk similar to that of a zombie when drunk or high. The arms are usually tucked to the side like that of a T-Rex, and the person walks in one direction until an obstruction is hit in which case it changes direction. Commonly in a diagonal vector.
2.Verb: to do the zombie walk.
Duuude, we're doin' the zombie walk, man.
by Matt Healey June 15, 2007
zombie-walking is the act of walking in a zombie-like state, usually while under the influence of marijuana.

"how did we get to the mall?"
"i think we just zombie-walked cross town,lets get sbarro."

when zombie walking occurs, stop where you are and gain your boundaries, or smoke a spliff and continue.
"how did we get to the mall?"
"i think we've been zombie-walking for miles, lets get sbarro."
by ArghPeteyPirate May 25, 2009
When a man ejaculates into his sexual partner's face after getting dome, and punches her the forehead multiple times. Being unable to see, this forces the woman to attack blindly, and possibly moan, like a zombie.
"Hey Frank, have you seen the video of your mom doing the walking zombie?"

"Nope, can't say that I have."
by Dome King 2.0 July 25, 2008