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zoinkers means
1. to go wild, crazy, nuts. (synonyms - bonkers)
2. exclamation for shock. (synonyms - OMG!!)
3. being suprised for something which is annoying (synonyms - arghhh)
4. replacement for dammit (synonyms - dang)
1. oh noes, theres still so many things left to do!! im going zoinkers!!
2. zoinkers!!!! he ate the whole apple in one bite!!!
3. zoinkers... hes always bein' so emo..
4. zoinkers! i lost to him in soccer! dang..
by Denester November 03, 2006
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to go out of your mind over something. a comic book or video game dork would use this type of terminology. or, u can just shout it out to describe how u feel. ex. shout out at a random time "ZOINKERS!"
this girl is making me fucking go zoinkers today!!!

man, level 9 on this video game is making me go zoinkers!

by texicandeath May 21, 2006
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