1. To compress files into .zip format.
2. An Iomega Zip cartridge.
3. To send something easily and quickly. (This is the dictionary definition that predates the other two.)
Can you send me that Photoshop file on a Syquest?

Dude, fuhgeddaboudit. Zip it and put it on a zip, and zip it over to me.
by vanilla g-lotto December 29, 2004
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Zip is also very slangily,well-known as a synonym of nothing.
I didn't study zip for the next day's exam, so I blew it.
by Eloy R. July 13, 2005
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A word used in the 60's to refer to meth amphetamine
Hey man, can you get any zip?
by tonto March 12, 2005
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The years in which we're now (00-10) or the 00s.
A lot of neo-words were suggested to describe the decade we live in right now, but many of these weren't as good as the zips.
Here's a list:
-the earlies.
-the beginnings.
-the peacefuls.
-the tookies (from 2Ks: Years 2000).
-the ohs/ oh-ohs.
-the zeros.
-the aughts/ aughties.
-the naughts/ the naughties.
-the the 00psies/ 2000-psies (resounding the dot-bomb effect!). Also: the dooming 2000s.
-the oozies.
by hammer---;, hytham April 17, 2007
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1. A word to describe something that is completely, fully, and totally amazing.

2. A synonym for a pimp. Someone who is awesome, or someone who slaps dem hoes.
"Yeah man, that new freestyle is zip. I might sample part of it, if you don't mind"

"JEM IS SUCH A FUCKING ZIP. I can only hope that one day, I can be as zip as he is"
by treehug June 15, 2009
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