A girl named Zini is a beautiful, wonderful, smart and funny girl you can always count on and trust to tell her everything. If you don't have a friend named or nicknamed zini you need to find them. Boys can't take their eyes off of her.
Guy1:"hey have you seen zini today?"
Guy2:"yeah she looks awesome I just want to talk to her."
by Brooklyn😘 December 7, 2017
Ziny or zinyuh is a amazing type of person very good atwhat everr he puts his mind to and best a video games ane never boxed like a fish
Omg its Ziny
by lakelkosso January 25, 2021
guy1: yo look at this picture of BEN ZINI
guy2: bruhhh who is BEN ZINI?
guy1: i have no idea
by BruhMomentor November 23, 2020
When the purposely get molested by people who go by the name of Daniel.
Sophie did a Dirty Zini with Daniel Chang
by Cock around the Clock September 16, 2022
a thing normally a cunt, middle name is whore, although a little fucked up, still someone fucking awesome.
Oh shit! You are as cool as that person!


oh you know zini!!

by justaguyiguess March 22, 2017