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a derogatory term used universally with all races.
can be used as ziker as plural or to just be offenive
guy1: hey that guy sniped me, u damn zike!
guy2:wat why call him a zike.
guy1: cuz the d-bag won't tell me if he's black or asian!
by N of n0V3mber March 10, 2008
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Noun: Incestuous pairing between Hanson brothers, Zac and Isaac. Often known to squick fans, even those who ship Zaylor. Similar to Tike.
Person #1: Oh, man, did you see that new Zike story?

Person #2: Yeah, I think I vomited in my mouth a little.

Person #1: Totally, Isaac shouldn't touch anyone with a ten-foot pole, especially someone as delicious as Zac.
by zaylorequalslove June 13, 2007
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the proper way to spell "psyche" or "syke". Used in place of the alternate spelling "psyche" because psyche just has too many letters to text conveniently. Used in place of the incorrect spelling "syke" because it just sounds ignorant when used in an everyday texting situation.
"What do you think of my invention, the toasty eggs?"

->"Wow those are pretty delicious! ....zike."
by Hella Urban Dictionary April 12, 2010
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