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Ziffle (n.) – a pimple appearing on the buttock
“Man, that chick Catherine has a whole garden of ziffles on her ass.”
by Penguin Fukker November 01, 2006
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Ziffle, a penguin character from the book Santa's Secret Penguin Spy by Nicole Cagle, Illustrated by Laura Reece

Ziffle is not just any penguin. He is a secret spy sent by an agency to help keep an eye on boys and girls expecting a Christmas Eve visit from Santa Claus. Ziffle needs to know just one thing—which children in the world are being naughty and which are being nice.

Ziffle is no elf. Armed with a cell phone with a direct line to Santa, he does not need a train, plane, or even wings to deliver his message. Ziffle can just text a name! But all the boys and girls know that if their mom or dad has to tell them twice, Ziffle has another secret spy device that allows Santa to see the entire human race from the comfort of his big chair at the North Pole.

In this enchanting holiday tale, a secret penguin spy partners with Santa to ensure that children around the world learn that it is always better to be nice than naughty!
Little Brats better watch out. Ziffle will tell Santa is you're being bad and you won't get any presents.
by The Mob Boss September 03, 2012
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ass pimples that give the flesh that rough pig flesh complexion --- like Arnold Ziffle (pig on Petticoat Junction).
Gee girl its a good thing I love banging Arnold Ziffle --- because you sure got a load of ziffles.
by dudelookslikeachimp February 20, 2008
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to clean a room very quickly, usually in anticipation for company and done in a group.
The bathroom isn't clean. Can you do a ziffle of the bathroom?
by e_wilk June 29, 2010
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