headbutting someone when he says nasty words about your mother in italian

to zidane someone - to headbutt someone
In England, a jockey is facing a ban after “Zidaning” his horse with a head-butt. Paul O’Neill apparently took umbrage after the horse said some nasty things in Italian about his mother.
by bianconero171 July 27, 2006
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1. the soccer star from the France team
2. to headbutt someone, like Zidane did during the final game against Italy in the 2006 Fifa Cup
by killercr July 10, 2006
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To headbutt someone in the chest during a crucial moment.
Player 1: Give me the ball.
Player 2: No.
Player 1: Don't make me go Zidane on you.
by Amolo July 9, 2006
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To completely messup your last day of work on purpose. Just like Zidane messed up his last football match in the world cup final against Italy.
After you have been sacked, you can zidane your workplace by:

Mixing up files
Erasing stuff of others computer
Putting viruses on the computers
Telling your boss what others think of him/her
Making obscene phone calls to customers
Headbutting your colleague

etc etc

Bobby: Sorry to hear you have been sacked Sarah, when do you have to clear your desk?
Sarah: It'sno big deal, I leave on friday, the office is going to get totally Zidaned
by joshdajoker April 30, 2008
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Zidan (Zidane, Z'idan) means spirtuality or adds up to. Arabic, African and French. Zidan is english spelling of name and Zidane is french way of spelling this name.
Zidan means spirtuality.
by cassandra79 February 4, 2012
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Zidan is a very attractive young man with a charming personality. Anyone would be lucky to have a Zidan in their life, and better yet be dating him. He's the perfect boyfriend and overall human. He is going to marry Lily.
Person 1: Damn Zidan is so perfect .
Person 2: I know, I wish I was Lily to be able to have him!
by ZilyLily December 13, 2016
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To finish your opponent with a headbutt worthy of Zidane's caliber, similar to the way which Mortal Kombat fighters finish their opponents. Zidanity can be used to decribe the state Materazzi was in after being knocked senseless on the ground.
Materazzi's been knock the hell down! Oh the Zidanity!
by Lawrence Ding August 2, 2006
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