Is a gay homo ....

But loves his friends so much and treats them like a brother/sister ... Zeppelin is so cool but weird at the same time ... Go find your self a zeppelin
Zeppelin sounds such like a cool person to hang out with where do i find one..
by Maddison borchert February 13, 2020
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A Zeppelin in one of the greatest people you will ever meet he has a great sense of humor and if you ever get the pleasure of meeting a Zeppelin you are so lucky he is and he is very hot he is everything
Is that a zeppelin he is really good looking
by A she January 23, 2022
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A vagina that is very loose (implied: from frequent usage).
Alexa has done so many guys, she must have a zeppelin hangar by now!
by Kim Yong Il September 5, 2012
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A female (sometimes enlarged males) who have a massive bust. Depending on the age of the female these breasts can reach massive proportions. For example; a fourteen-year-old girl who is zeppelin-titted can have breast at the size of F's (DDD). While women of adulthood can reach a cup size of J (DDDDDDD). Although not looking the type, these women can have high I.Q's, and even multiple degrees. Z.T. Women usually do not consider themselves superior in beauty, but can judge other women by their intellect. It should go without saying that getting Z.T. women to be attracted to you, let alone having a public and sexual relationship with them is difficult at best. Showing her that you are worthwhile is the best course of action of getting these large breasted women.
Example one:
Guy 1:Did you see that girl with the huge rack
Guy 2: Dude, not only does she got the booty, but she's Zeppelin-titted.
Guy 1: Really bro? Aw man, do I want her.
Guy 2: Hey, careful, she's not a girl you can get in to easy. You got to show her you're worth it.

Example 2:
Girl 1: Hey, check me out.
Girl 2: No. Way. Are you Zeppelin titted?
Girl 1: Oh yeah, and I'm being smart with who I let in.
by Phoenixhydra December 10, 2013
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