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Nickname or shortened version of the band name Led Zepplin.
I LOVE hearing Zep's "Stairway to Heaven" when I'm high.
by guy May 02, 2003
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A ZEP (or Z.E.P.) is an abbreviation for a Zombie Escape Plan. A ZEP is made in the event of a zombie apocalypse, in order to prolong chances of survival, and are definitely crucial. If you haven't made a good ZEP yet, hurry up.
Survivor: "I'm so glad I thought to make a ZEP, if I hadn't I might've end up like Brad..."

by pedantic bakery August 17, 2010
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A person living in the United States of Mexican or South American origin. The word zep is often used by Caucasian males directed to Hispanic or Spanish peoples.
That zep just climbed up and over that fence.

Zeps are appearing in my neighborhood, I best be movin'
by Elvis Costello November 08, 2006
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Women's breasts, usually of notable size or shape. From Zeppelin, those rather less fun bags.
"Penelope Keith had nice Zeps in 'The Good Life'."
by Leo1972 November 08, 2006
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used when talking about a dirty mexican when they are around.
I am going to kill that fucking Zep!
by BAMF jones November 07, 2006
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