Japanese word used to describe the 1st model of a particular generation of vehicle. As opposed to the 2nd model/version which is called Kouki.
I don't like the zenki FC RX-7s tail lights as much as the kouki's.
by jspecae86 May 16, 2007
Strange creature that consumes chicken and rice daily.
Oh my god, zenki just ate all my chicken and rice!!!
by kekeke March 29, 2003
Coined 2016 by Trixi Symonds , abbrev of Zenkidu deriv. fr. Akkadian Enkidu
1. a simple to sew softie (stuffie) made from 2 pieces of felt requiring no insertions for arms, legs or protruding parts
2. the name of a family of softies who call themselves the simplest friendliest softies in the universe
3. adj a way of designing softies to minimize complexity and maximize creativity
Kids love to sew zenkis.
by Sew a Softie November 14, 2021
The first generation of an automobile. Typically reserved for reference to Japanese manufacturers.
“That zenki S chassis was really beat up.”
“That car is a zenki, but the owner put kouki bumpers on it.”
by NotTakumi February 17, 2020