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a smart, sexy, hilarious girl who is confident in everything she does. she's daring and dangerous and loves a thrill. she gives unconditional support to the ones she loves. its impossible to tear your eyes away from her thick brown hair and big brown eyes. looking at her gives you ecstasy. she laughs at anything you say and is the best friend anybody could every ask for. i love zelly!
guy 1 -- woah, who's that chic over there?
girl 1 -- oh that's zelly! she's such a chill person.
guy 2 -- man, look at her smile; she's beautiful!
guy 1 -- yeah, her smile's contagious!
by mystery007 August 02, 2011
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A zelly is a big-boobed whore bag who likes to dance around and frolic with other skanks such as nicole and alexis to various forms of electronic rave music. She also enjoys ingesting substances such as mdma and alcohol wthout limit. Zellies unfortunately cannot barf no matter how drunk they get.
by lexikinssssssssssss January 20, 2009
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A small attractive portable device used by aliens to lure male humans into spacecraft. Often cloaked by perfect skin-like membrane and recognizable by its ear-piercing sound.

Symptoms include loss of memory and a constant erection.
Next thing i knew i was on a spaceship, a Zelly must of got me.
by MrSuppression September 17, 2013
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Pot-smoker, black guy. Thinks he's all that just because he smokes weed and posts snapchats with loud ghetto music. Thinks he's hard.
Why does he act like Zelly, man?
by United States Boyyyyy January 18, 2015
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A God-Tier proffesional player in FPS Games who most dominates all oppenents and is High Ranked in every game he plays.
Guy 1: You I played a game against Zelly last night!

Guy 2: Yo! you mean that Top 500 Widowmaker main!?"

Guy 1: Thats the one!
by mastermindeko June 08, 2018
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