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A true romantic. One with a huge heart full of love to give and does so much for his other half. One that does anything to please his lover and loves them for who they are. They are usually sweet, charming, funny, cool, handsome, athletic, and a bad boy inside but become a romantic for their love. They are spontaneous, adventurous and most likely daring and rebellious even if they are wrong.
That Zaman kid is soo sweet. He's a badass with everyone else but soft inside when it comes to me.


Soulmate <3
by lovagirlll16 June 26, 2009
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When you meet a Zaman, mark your calendar, as Zaman is irreplaceable. A Zaman is by far one of the most intelligent and charming people that you will ever meet. With inherent leadership qualities, and a loving heart underneath a handsome exterior, Zaman will do anything for the person he cares about. He has a certain resilience in the face of adversity that some can only wish to possess, and a distinct sense of humor that makes any situation involving a Zaman an unforgettable experience. If you are ever given the privilege of meeting a Zaman, hold him close, as most people can only aspire to make half the impression that he does.
Zaman has a golden heart.
by dripfrog015 January 23, 2019
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