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The name of the most incredibly sexy, smart, sweet, hot, irrisistible, passionate, and lovable man in the universe. He knows how to treat a girl right!
What is Justin Timberlake talking about bringing sexy back? Rian has had it all along!
by Erica B June 18, 2008
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a very small girl ,pretty,sexy,cute,hot,amazing,lovable,usallly undateable,populare,great friend, not enough words in the world to describer her,she doesnt put up with bullshit,usuallly bernett or black hair,usally good at sports,girls look up to this girl and want to be just like her,very laid back,no spair time on her hands, If you know a Rian you are lucky to be close to a girl as awesome as her hold on to your relationship never let go of her.
no words descibe this hot girl rian.
by Dancer^_^ July 10, 2010
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Pretty much the cutest guy in the universe. Hot, tall and strong, he knows how to make a girl swoon. Very athletic and hilarious. Has a charming smile and attitude. Rian’s are amazing!
God, you are almost as cute as Rian.
by Catwalk1234 January 31, 2018
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The official ship name for instagram editor Ryan (snowsedits) and Ian (igcubes) some say they are the best editing couple ever.
omg! we are collecting rian as endgame!
by rianisendgame January 19, 2019
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When you know you can do something and have the willpower/strength to do it but don't end up doing it.
A: Are you doing your English homework?
R: I'd do it... but I'm so Rian.
by CuzySato May 16, 2016
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A girl that wants to be rhianna but she spelt her name wrong. She stereotypically likes Drugs. Alchohol. Firearms . it would be in your best intrest to avoid a girl with this name as it usually means TROUBLE.
hey , i got some drugs last night - Boy
you are such a fucking rian! - Boy 2
OI MATE! shut up! thats my sister! - Nick
by FunkyUncle ^^ April 11, 2010
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