z-ro...The Best Rapper Alive. He doesnt have much exposure because he is underground, from Houston Texas, sounds similar to Tupac but snaps in his songs more. has been in the game since 1998. If he went mainstream he would go platinum on all his albums...Best rapper since Tupac.

If you havent heard him then get one of his albums and then you will see he is the best alive.

South Sil fa Lil. South Side for life.
Z-ro's great songs like...From the south, Tall tale of a G, I hate you bitch, I found me, Sunshine, Look what you did to me.
by T.C. 10 inches December 10, 2006
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A upcoming rapper out of Houston Texas with some tight ass flows, signed with Rap-A-Lot Records and is on his way to be large!
Hits like: I hate you bitch, These Niggaz, Swisha Sweet Smoke,I found Me and alot more! New Album: Life of Joseph W. McVey
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the coldest rapper to ever live. he is the next tupac to be honest. He is a veteran in the game 12 years with 12 albums. He rap about his life: hardtimes, fake friends,god,and his childhood. his top hit songs are "I Hate You" "T.H.U.G." "H.A.T.E." and many more from him. He is a legend and hopefully here to make more real music. His latest album is with trae "It Is What It Is". and he has another one coming out on September 23, 2008.
Zro Ro Z-ro
by lonestarthug August 26, 2008
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World's Greatest Rapper alive since Tupac's death. Rapping underground in Houston, Tx & Mo City. Speaks about the truth and nothing but the truth. Unlike Lil' Wayne or any of those other rappers out there.
"Did you get Z-ro's new album 'Meth'?"
"You should!"

Good Songs: I Don't Give A Damn; Help Me Please; No More Pain; MARY JANE.
by ABN.SUC October 15, 2011
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People that obsessed and listen to nothing but Z-Ro (Famous Houston rapper) and say various lines from his songs to everything in life shouting ABN. (Asswholes by nature) passing on the idea of hate and not trusting a soul and to be stuck up and an ass for no reason in assumption that people care about you or try to waste your time or block you from getting money. These are people that live their every day lives listening to Z-ro and nothing else and exapect their friends to know the songs and every word. Someone that steadily compaired their life to the music of Z-ro and claim to have lived in hard times like him so they relate and live by it like the bible or new found religion from the ghetto and in most cases are young or super late to the bandwagon of Houston rappers.
Damn everytime that white girl pull up in drive thru all you hear is Z-ro blasting about nigga that and nigga this, she ain't even black and like what 16? Where did she learn about this artist?

It's because she encountered other Z-ro heads, and so now she is a Z-ro head and all about Z-ro a sudden wanna be.
by Skurs December 27, 2018
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Bitch who asks for too much food and money
"Ro-Z!!Shut it up!! I don't have a dollar, Bizzatch!"
by Vorhizzle May 26, 2004
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