If you put this at the end of anything you are certified cool.
Examples: ❌
Examplez: ✓

Stop making everything have a Z next to it. Thats not cool at all. Please I beg you to stop.❌
Ztop making everything have a Z next to it. Thatz not cool at all. Pleaze I beg you to ztop.✓

Urban dictionary editors: What? This definition doesnt replace all S with Z? Denied. ❌
Urban dictionary editorz: What? Thiz Definition doeznt replace all Z with Z? Denied.✓

Meanwhile, when someone is sleeping.. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ❌
Meanwhile, when zomeone is zleeping.. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
by ATotallyOriginalAndFunnyUserna December 8, 2020
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When typing "xoxox", or hugs and kisses, a "z" may be inserted to denote some other form of affection. The "z" action is up to your imagination to fulfill!
Girl: Night baby xoxoxoz!!

Boy thinks: Oh hot damn! She wants to xo AND z me!!
by misterrslim November 7, 2008
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last letter of the alphabet
comes after "y"
comes before "now i know my abcs"
Bob: whats the last letter of the alphabet?
Joe: z
by mr. potato January 2, 2013
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The last letter of the alphabet which is pronounced 'ZED', not 'ZEE' as others like to say.
A:"Spell 'Buzz'."

B: "B, u, zee, zee.'"

A:"Wrong, its zed'."
by Gohn Gardenza August 28, 2007
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The new way of saying "take me now".
SNIM: "xxox"
Holly: "z"
SNIM: ":o knew you wanted meh!"
by SNIM June 3, 2008
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The Z is the easiest way to become 1337, leet. Just by adding z at the end of words ending with a consonant (ex b,c,d) - and some special words ending with vowel (ex a, e, i) but I am too lazy to write them down here- and z instead of s if the word ends with it, you'll become 1337:)

A: Hey whatz cracking dougz?
B: Not thatz muchz, justz pwnz some noobz atz the dotaz0or

A: Ah, Okay see you aroundz!


1. ALWAYS write Dota with z0or (z cero o r) at the end. Totaly pwaning things like Dota MUST be written with z0or. (and only god knows why)

2. If you dont say the consonant, then just ignore it and remove it from your mind.

(example: ah)
by Hajsan's biggest fan August 25, 2009
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The new S. It can be uzed anyplace that an "S" (the forbidden letter) would be uzed in a zentence. Only a certain group of people can mazter it. It can not onlyz be uzed in place of s'z but alzo it can be uzed where an s would never be in the first place (zee the word onlyz uzed earlier).
Zorry, I don't wantz to have zex wtih you. That juzt soundz grozz!

I have a zalami zandwich in my lunch zack. I think i'm going to eatz it now. I am zo hungry!
by Cordeliaz April 12, 2011
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