another way to say yes;yea;sure;etc.
Do you need your money? yurp yurp
by todo25 January 20, 2009
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"Hey man, is this correct?"
by DarkDemon May 16, 2022
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a variation of yes or yep used in almost ever sentence by students in arlington virginia high schools.
guy one: yo brehhh, waz gud? u tapped that shit yet?
guy two: YURP!!!
by classyblunt February 1, 2011
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to say whats up, to call on some one, to answer a question
Te: yurp!!
Dez: yo!!
by SexyOne March 13, 2005
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Jacking off in a tent while using a Koi Fish as a fleshlight since you have no other outlet for your manly energy.
You- *unzips tent* D: "Dude! I can't believe you'd be yurping in my sleeping bag!"

Other one- "The Koi FIsh looked so inviting!"
"And I feel so relieved!"

You- "In MY sleeping bag! Disgusting freak!"
by Blankie/Memerzes/KK! April 25, 2010
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basically another word for ya or yep
did you pay your bills? yurp!
by ben avis February 22, 2009
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