Young Urban Narcissist -- a play on yuppie.
Our funky neighborhood is no longer cool; it's now infested with yunnies.
by bjkeefe May 21, 2009
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A flirtatious male/female with abnormally long eye lashes
"wow, that guy is such yunnie!"
by Bob Clarkson December 15, 2007
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One of the most down-to-earth girls you could ever hope to meet, Yunny is sweet, intelligent, and gorgeous. She's guaranteed to put a smile on your face, no matter what! Even if she's the one who took it in the first place. Yunny's impossible to forget, once you've had eye contact with her. She's truly the greatest person you'll ever meet.
M: Hey, who's that girl?
L: Oh, she's Yunny. Gorgeous huh?
M: You can say that again....

Eddy: Dude I feel like crap...
Leo: Hey look, it's Yunny.
Eddy: Nevermind.
Leo: -_-;
by Flynn•Q November 21, 2011
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Name of a person of chinese and welsh decent, who's very fun to talk to, and who fancies a whole lot of guys.
Hi i'm Yunny, this guy waved at me through the window of the shop so I fancy him now. *Swoon*
by C4PON3 July 7, 2009
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As the months of 2009 progressed, former yuppies became yunnies.
by HobbingforKant July 21, 2009
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jizz/ nutter butter / meat milk/ penis juice/ cock syrup / wiener water/ pecker power ade/ log liquid/ stick sap/ wood glue/ rocket rain/ shaft shower/ chamber cheese/ sausage sap/ dick dew/ wang waterfall/ meat moisturizer/ flaccid fire hydrant / bread stick butter/ gun goo/ bazooka blast/ hotdog hose/ pee-pee paste/ pole paste(or pus)/ flag pole fountain/ cum gun/ rifle rain/ barrel balooza/ shlong slime / sack syrup / banana butter/ banana nut muffin
when I watch porn I yunny.
Omg she was so hot I literally got cock syrup all over my pants.
by Holakimonoesta June 9, 2019
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