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one who is obsessed with making heart poses anytime a camera is seen. typically female, although in some cases it's hard to determine. A Yumee can be spotted from a distance by observing the way they talk with their fingers, this is not to be confused with those that talk with their hands. Yumees are generally liked, despite lacking the ability to tell a good joke. The surest way to know if you've seen a Yumee is to use a Yumee call; luoOOOkooverHeeere
Man this comedian sucks he's a total Yumee, we should go.

Who needs to add digital hearts in the photo both? Just find a Yumee and you're good.
by Dr. Hurtz Winnipi February 03, 2010
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A girl named Yumee is sweet, hot and independent. Everybody quickly loves her original humor and quirky randomness. Doesn't need makeup. Guys who fall to her irrisistable charm will never be satisfied with any other woman.
"What's so funny?"
"OMG, Yumee is so funny, omg <gasp> I can't stop laughing!"
by halcyon825 February 02, 2010
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a strange girl that I do not completely understand. Very awkward, but is the best person to talk to when you're going through tough times. Will probably be a therapist/psychologist when she grows up. Artist, probably depressed, but has never openly talked about her depression or problems (to me, at least). Asian tier intelligence, does many extracurricular activities, and gets good grades at school. Rich family. Very selfless and generous, helping her less wealthy friends in certain situations that involve money. Always willing to help, although sometimes her efforts are overused by peer and friends, and aren't appreciated as much as they should be. Gets -5 hours of sleep every night, and sleeps with her brother occasionally (they're close, not incestual). Great friend.
"Let's go to yumee's house. As we always do."
by smellslikebroke February 22, 2019
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