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a single-syllable version of the phrase "you're ugly"
Katrina: "Hey Jay! Guess what?"
Jay: "What's up?"
Katrina: "Yugly!"

Joe: "Should we really be doing another shot of rum at 10AM?"
Katrina: "Yugly."
by jlm0797 June 13, 2006
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Unique + Ugly = Yugly
Something/Somebody is ugly, but in a unique way.
--"That's so ugly"
--"No, that's not ugly, it's Yugly"
--"The model Devon Aoki is so ugly, she has such a strange look".
--"You don't get it, she's very Yugly, that's fashion".
by Onion-ring September 08, 2006
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a neologistic portmanteau, signifying the combination of the words "yucky" and "ugly"; typically used in reference to disturbing or otherwise unsightly individuals or objects
That is one yugly mofo over there!
by Master Ponchez June 29, 2009
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