A word signifying approval.
Often said as an aside to a friend or a slightly audible remark to one's self: for example, when a beautiful woman enters a room. Yowza, look at her!
by Ron Livingston July 23, 2006
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Euphemism for any vulgar expression of surprise or sudden pleasure. Usually used in a positive sense.
Yowza, you looked amazing today.
by Max Adion April 25, 2005
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1. An exclamation denoting you are impressed or that you approve.
2. The sound said when shot by a laser.

1. Meaning cool, neat-o. See steaky, cool
A: Yowza! That's a nice laser gun you got there! YOWZA!!!!! You just shot me!?!?!
B: Ooops . . .
C: And I actually thought you were yowza.
by Famous James Splinter January 6, 2006
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something that is great very great indeed!
1.Yowzaa baby that was awesome
2. YOWzA you scared me!
3. omg his cock was so big YOWZA!

damn heather n julee walked in saw those hot guys and screamed YOWZAA!
by yowzaaShit January 28, 2003
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a variant of "yes sir" used to express joy or excitement
by jeron davis March 12, 2005
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Used to show anywhere from excitement to disgust in a situation. It's a short word that can be used to show just about any kind of expression! If you want to spice up "wow" a little bit, this is the word to use.
Example 1

Wife: I just saw our future new neighbors fighting on their front porch already!

Husband: YOWZA, that's just great!

Example 2

Girl 1: Did you hear about ladies night this Saturday where the women drink for free?

Girl 2: YOWZA, let's go!
by crockett4 June 14, 2008
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