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(Yoo-toob-ahh-bull) adj 1. When your video is uploadable to youtube. Videos that are too big or too long are not youtubeable. The maximum size for a video is 100 megabytes and 10 minutes.
Angela: I have been recording for 15 minutes now!
Tina: Stop recording so long or the video won't be youtubeable!!!
by Tina Bobina December 16, 2006
1) A video that is able to be uploaded to YouTube.
2) A video worthy of being uploaded to YouTube.
3) A video that can be found on YouTube.
1) Dad: "I just took some digital video of the dog doing a deuce. Is it YouTubeable?
2) Son: "Technically most videos are, dad, but while it's YouTubeable, it's not exactly YouTubeable, nawmsayin'?
3) Mother: "What is this YouTube you speak of? Can I watch my favorite old episodes of Falcon Crest on this amazing new service?"
Son: "Uh... You can look for that, mom, but by and large I think that show is just too old to be YouTubeable."
by Transformers3People0 October 14, 2010
A video that is uploadable to youtube due to its awesomeness.
"I just made a video of me and my cat. Want to see?"
"Dude, that video is not youtubeable"

"He hasn't made any videos that are youtubeable"
by Xanthrun June 25, 2007
To be able to be found on . Any video that is or should be on .
Video's of people doing weid stuff with their pets. :

"That video you have of your dog riding the skateboard is so Youtube-able."
by Kempster March 29, 2009
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