A one-size-fits-all retort guaranteed to amuse or annoy.

For reasons that elude linguists, sociologists, and recipients alike, the phrase is sometimes held by its proponents to be the greatest comeback ever, and one to which no reply is possible.

Several studies have found a relationship between the humor value of "your face", the number of repetitions, and the average age of the audience. A commonly cited example gives the relationship as:

humor = 2^(n * (1 - abs(13 - age)))

This model predicts that for ages 12-14 "your face" never gets old. For age 13 its humor grows geometrically, hence a sequence of "your face" retorts may only end due to anoxia or exhaustion.

For everyone else "your face" just isn't funny.
Bob: dood, whut up.
Alice: your face is up.
Bob: that's lame.
Alice: your face is lame.
Bob: don't make me come over there.
Alice: don't make me come over your face.
Bob: that's whack.
Alice: your face is whack.
by yourfaceislame November 14, 2012
The ultimate comback to ANY and ALL insults thrown at you.....also something you can say if you dont know what to say. When someone asks you a question, you can say "YOUR FACE!" This saying will also get your friends or ANYONE pissed, and leave.
person 1 : your fat
person 2 : your FACE is fat!
person 1 : Your ugly!
person 2 : Your FACE is ugly!!
person 1 : well.....YOUR STUPID!
person 2 : YOUR FACE IS STUPID!!
person 1 : (Runs away crying)
person 1 : Hey guys look at the cow!
person 2 : YOUR FACE!
person 1 : hey who wants to go to the movies today?
person 2 : ...........YOUR FACE!
person 1 : Did you do your homework?
person 2 : YOUR FACE!
person 1 : SHUT UP! im asking you a question!
person 2 : YOUR FACE!
person 1 : I said SHUT THE FUCK UP!
person 2 : Yeah and i said YOUR FACE!
person 1 : GOD DAMMIT, BITCH!!
person 2 : ok i'll stop........YOUR FACE!!
person 1 : fuck you bastard!! (Leaves)
person 1 : man, im tired.......
person 2 : shut up!
(playing video games)
person 1 : HaHa im beating u!
person 2 : YOUR FACE!
person 1 : doesnt matter im STILL beating you!
person 2 : Your face!!!!
person 1 : God enough!
person 1 : FUCK!! (Stops playing, and leaves)
by Blake and David April 3, 2004
a phrase that can be added as a prefix or suffix to any insult as a comeback.
Dude: You're ugly.
Guy: Your face is ugly. (prefix)
Dude: That's hella stpid
Guy: Not as stupid as your face! (suffix)
Dude: That makes no sense
Guy: Your face doesn't make sense!
Dude: I'm leaving.
Guy: I'd leave to if I had your face.
by moofoo June 8, 2004
Coming from 'your mom' and yo momma. Just to get off the subject of peoples' moms and how to insult them, people
decided to use one of the most valued parts of the body....the face.

used mostly to annoy and/or confuse people, your face is a term used by thousands of people around the world.

A: Hello B!
B: Your face!


A: I had a nice time talking to....YOUR FACE!!!
B: Say what?
A: Say....YOUR FACE!!
B: Shut up!
A: YOUR FACE!!!!!!!
B: I'm leaving...*leaves*

Insulting(this has happend to me alot):

A: I saw something weird today...
B: What? YOUR FACE????
by My Face July 10, 2004
Possibly the universal best and most annoyingly excellent and world reknown comeback, guaranteed to give you victory during a verbal arguement with some loser who cant diss. Should or Can be used in any or all context:
Verbal Arguement with some loser who cant diss:
Loser: Wow your a loser
You : Your FACE is a loser!!
Loser: Wow, you call that a diss you mo-fo?
You : You FACE calls that a diss you mo-fo!
Loser: Wow, you're a fag
You : Wow, your FACE is a fag!
Loser: Stop saying that!
You : Your FACE should stop saying that!
Loser: Stop or i'll hit you!
You : Stop or your FACE will hit you!
Loser: Ugh!! ~Gives up and stomps away~

Normal conversation context:
Person1: Hey what do you want to do?
Person2: What does your FACE want to do?
Person1: Oh no, not that again.
Person2: Oh no, not your FACE again.
Person1: Can we just order a pizza?
Person2: Can your FACE just order a pizza?
Person1: Ahhh! NeverMIND! ~Angrily stomps away~
Person2: Grins triumphantly and winks at viewers.

You see? The universal best and most annoyingly excellent and world reknown comeback, guaranteed to give you victory during a verbal arguement with some loser who cant diss, or a random conversation with a person.
by x-Julia-x December 4, 2005
Probably one of the best comebacks in the world, ususally because your internal organs implode simultaneously whilst trying to hold in the laughter at this comment. This is awesome because faces are all different and have varying degrees of attractiveness. Also this comeback is just plain random.
A: Life sucks
B: Your face sucks!

1: You stink like crap
2: So does your face.
by Kitty_1992 June 6, 2005