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When you, a Rick and Morty viewer come across a CHILD on the internet who can't use a proper pronouns in any of his/her sentences, so you have to correct the IMBECILE and teach them the ways of proper grammar. What fools.
MinecraftGamer2007: Shut up noob your not even good at mine craft what a dumb ass

Pickle Rick: You're*
by MillionZ December 18, 2017
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When you correct someone for saying "your" (Used by butthurt kids most of the time)
Random kid: your a faggot

Butthurt kid: you're*
by Fancay July 05, 2015
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WhEn yOUR losING An ArGuMenT bUT the EneMY maKES a GrammAr mIStake

You're* not to be confused with you're,is something you type thinking that whatever your typing with is part of a grammar-teaching website.People will often take advantage of other's bad grammar during an argument or when starting one to insult the enemy,with you're* being the most common ways of doing so
Person 1:your a noob!!
Smarty:Um actually its you're*
by fluffin puffin August 18, 2018
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