"you're not wrong" = "you're right", however phrasing it as "you're not wrong" usually that there's more to it -- either there's some missing nuance, or the speaker agrees grudgingly or doesn't like this truth or wishes it wasn't so, etc.
Alice: Bob, you drink too much.
Bob: You're not wrong.
by d0ugmc March 13, 2018
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Something someone says when they dispute what you're saying but does so in an underhanded way. It's often followed by a "but".

Protip: you can replace many "you're not wrong, but..." statements directly with "I disagree with you because..." and you wont come across badly.
You're not wrong, but the truth is more nuanced than you're letting on.
by apphacker January 25, 2017
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A phrase used when someone says something strange or crazy, but true and you have no rebuttal or retort
Josh: We won't have to worry about teen pregnancies if there are no girls to get pregnant
Kyle: Well, You're not Wrong...
by amemethatded October 10, 2019
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The undeniably powerful phrase weilded by the famed IHS band director Ed W. Used to instantly quell even the most talkative of band-os.
band-o #1 to band-o #2 - "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah......"

Ed W. - "If you're talking, you're wrong!"

band-o #1 and band-o # - silence

by irrandom November 29, 2005
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Its what you would say to someone who is failing it miserably, or got "ownt".
"I tried to cut my wrists with an electric razor.""You're doing it wrong."
by [RFA]Quiksilver March 30, 2008
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1. Steve Job's joke of an excuse when customers complained about loosing reception on their new iPhone 4 mobile devices, a problem that occasionally occurs from gripping the phone in the left hand corner and thus shorting out the outer antenna band.

2. A condescending cop-out response from a person way too smug and hipster to admit there could be a problem, no matter how small it could be.

3. A sarcastic response one might joke to a friend when they can't get something to work.

4. An corporation's attempt at consumer socialism.
Friend 1: "Ah man, my phone dropped another call. What is this BS!"

Friend 2: "You're Holding It Wrong."
by Frosty-Jay June 28, 2010
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When someone, often an emo poser, tries to "fit in" with a fad or style, but fail epicly or when someone tries to cut themselves with an iPod, when someone tries to make a lolcat pic and uses proper grammar, when someone runs the right way in the Special Olympics.
"Dude! You're doin' it wrong!"
by Kickimanjaro April 14, 2008
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