A person who tries to fit in with the emo label just for attention or popularity (which doesn't make sense because emo people aren't supposed to be popular)

Anyway, here are some ways to spot an emo poser:

1. Act depressed 24/7, even when nothing is wrong in their lives
2. Cut themselves purposefully... and then show it to everyone
3. Must always adopt the complete emo look: dark dyed hair with sidebangs, very tight pants, an emo band t-shirt (like Hawthorne Heights) at least 3 items from Hot Topic, and of course, eyeliner
4. Has a rich family
5. Music lists ALWAYS include the following bands: My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, The Used, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, AFI, and more
6. Throws emo song lyrics around on their myspace/xanga/livejournal/etc., usually as their display name
7. On the above-mentioned sites, include pictures of themselves with the typical myspace angle (weird camera aim which barely allows for the viewer to see the person except for their hair, or at least one of their eyes)
8. Only talk to people who look just like themselves (and may get rejected if they see how much of a poser he/she is)
9. Are anorexic or have some other mental disorder, usually involving their self-image (because all emo posers think they're ugly)
10. Complain about their "hard lives" all the time

In short, emo posers are the reason that everyone hates emos. They're the ones who act like this, so people think that all emos do it too. In reality, true emo people act like themselves, and the only way that they are all alike is that they tend to have a primarily emotional personality. That's it. It has nothing to do with being depressed or mental disorders, or listening to all the same bands, unless you have a good reason for being depressed, did not force the mental disorder on yourself, or listen to the bands because you actually like them.

Though, in reality, I personally do not like most of the bands. They're not in my taste. I'm not gonna insult them though. Only the people who listen to them just because everyone else does, AKA the posers.
Emo poser: omg I'm SOOO depressed, becuz liek look at my ristz their soo bloody huh?!1

Emo: What the hell? You obviously did that on purpose.

Emo poser: Nono no wai I did not! I liek totally got sad and My Cemikul Romanze is mah fave band EVUR!! All mah otha frendz lizzen to them!

Emo: ... Ok, you know what? How about you just keep cutting? It'll be the solution to not only your problem but to ours too. Our reputation will finally be saved!

Emo poser: Oo yea! Good idea! Now Im gunna go take my super-expensiv nife and cut mah ristz while lizzenin to Hawforn Haytz!

Emo: Yea. Hurry up. You need to bleed more. Or, how about you let ME do it for you?
by SomeBadJoke November 7, 2006
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Someone who claims to be emo. Dresses emo and tries to act emo. They tell everyone how sad they are all the time. And really their life is going perfectly fine. They cry constantly and claim to be depressed. Most of them cut and always show people. They go up to people and would be like "omg look what i did last night" then they would start crying and would want the other person to confide in them.
Emo Poser: Oh my god my life sucks. *cries and shows friend wrist* look what i did!
Emo: Why do you always show everyone?
Emo Poser: I do not!
Emo: Yea you do, you even showed people you hate.
Emo Poser: I thought you were my friend!
Emo: I'm not friends with posers!
by suicidalgurl666 August 17, 2006
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A retarded fag who pretends they're emo, searches/googles for emo bands on the net and downloads their songs and study their lyrics like mad and tell other people that the lyrics somehow "relate" to them, made up stupid sad sappy stories about their so-called love life (which actually doesn't even exist as they've never even had a bf/gf), tends to over exaggerate their problems, cuts his/her wrist JUST CAUSE every other emo kid does that, tells everybody; "Oh my god, I think I'm emo, I hate my life, everyone sucks, life is so sad, love sucks! *cuts wrist*"
<Emo poser>: Dude, I think I'm emo. Look at what I did to my wrist. Uurgh, I don't even know why I did it, I hate myself, everybody hates me. *sobs*
<Not emo poser>: Mmmkaaayy......
<Emo poser>: Some people even said that I look emo with these glasses. *shows the "emo-looking" glasses and smiles*
<Not emo poser>: Uhh...ok...whatever you say. *rolls eyes*
by angelicscars87 September 4, 2006
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*A person who seems to claim that he/she is emo.
*Trys to get attention by showing thier porposly made cuts.
*likes the following bands:my chemical romance,fall out boy,or panic!at the disco and a few more.
*Is rich and really has no problems in thier life.
*ONLY hangs out with real emos(who eventually find out how much of a poser he/she are and rejectes her/him).
*Thinks that thier life sucks.
*Follows all the rules to emo style.
*would actually look up emo poser to prevent from being called one.
A real emo would act like themselves and not ALL emos are the same every emo has thier own differences the only feature that they share is having emotioanal feelings.
emo poser:RAWK ON DUDE
true emo:0.0 what the hell is wrong with u i thoght u were emo
emo poser:yea im sooo emo i think im going to cut myself
true emo:what the hell fuck u
emo poser:i thought u were my friend
true emo:not with posers
emo poser:*silence*
true emo:why don't u just go home and cut ur self deeper
emo poser:*silence*
true emo:poser.....
by Anna rodriguez July 2, 2007
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some one who becomes emo to fit in/be different/try to be an emo but they r not...........(not related but snaggle)
normal person-hey looser how many times did u cut today?
emo-shut the fuck up *raises arms showing fake cut marks*
normal person-hey fucker those arent real
emo-yes they are i hate my life!!!!
normal person-ur such an emo poser
by stevenhan123 September 17, 2006
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1. Someone who tries their hardest to fit every emo stereotype just to be called emo. They pretend to like "emo" bands and styles because they think it makes them look cool.

2. A stuck up 12 year old that tries to act cool by copying emos.

3. A desperate guy who copies emo styles because they think they'll get all the girls.
emo poser: everyone look at me! i cut myself! i'm totally emo! i'm the most emo kid on the planet! Look how emo I dress.

person: uh.. sure...
by cheese pastry January 30, 2011
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Some fake girl/boy goes on google or bing and searches "scene kids" or "emo people" and stuff like that. They study the culture so much they over do it. Somebody who goes around school always talking about how thier life sucks. Wears ALLL black and nothing else, listens to rock bands but dont like rock music, and everything else thats so freaking noticable to being a emo poser.
the examples shows explain better-
1:School girl - Hey (name), why are you always wearing black nd stuff?
Emo poser - Oh I didnt tell you? im going emo.

2: *facebook* The emo poser puts as his/her status "My life feakin sucks, I stepped in dog poop, by bf/gf broke up with me, and i got yelled at by my parents for printing out a whole bunch of pictures of my favorite bands. Im gonna go cut myself now. should i commit suicide??"

3: Random student - EMO FREAK!!

Emo poser - So? i love being emo!!!!

4: Boy student - (friends name) why are you being so emo all of sudden? Are you turning emo???
Emo poser - Yea, im totally emo. Im always wearing black and putting my hair in my eyes. Wanna see my cuts? i wear jackets to hide them. Do you know fall out boy? They are sooo cool.
by rawrinaform August 4, 2011
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