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a taunt given to someone when you want them to do something that normally wouldn't be done, and usually the reciever of the taunt has to perform the feat in order to keep his dignity.
brian stared at a half full tray of lasagna while his friends cheered on, "YOU WON'T DO IT!" Knowing that he now had to do it or suffer the consequences, he stuffed 8 pieces of lasagna down his throat.
by onlyonetime March 04, 2004
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When someone claims to do something you must yell anoyingly "YOU WON'T DO IT!", then if they do it you gotta be like "OH SHIT THEY DONE DID IT!" Oh yeah and sound retarded
Brian "I'm gonna mushroom print you"

Ethan "You won't do it!!"
by Ethan "cHuCkLeS" Davis April 23, 2010
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