when someone continuously insults another individuals appearance, attitudes, and actions.
Bruh!!! That was soooo sloppy, im bout to ride you out, bruh!!! Remember when you got rode out last week. You supa- sloppy and Im in maximum BEASTOCITY!!! Im gunna ride you out. Slooooooooppy!
by beastnigga502 September 30, 2006
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Someone you can depend on
Someone who will hold u down

Someone who will comfort you

Someone who is loyal

You dont have to ask twice

They have your best inteterest at heart
You will never hear bs excuses because theyre unselfish when it comes to you
I will ride with you like you ride for me
by red_like_a_cherry April 12, 2015
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To have a friends back. To be there for them no matter what.
"Hey I'm in Camden, New Jersey. You'll come find me if I don't come back. Right?"
Friend "ya dude, because I ride for you."
by Ashlycollio July 12, 2013
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basically telling another, that they suck, or they are gay, or just telling them you just flat out hate them. Originated at Wilcox Tech. Started out as Bon Jovi Rides.
Yeah man, shut your mouth, you are giving me a friggin head ache. YOU RIDE.
THAT RIDES man!, I was thinking that I was going to get some tonight.
by Lou F March 3, 2007
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A phrase used by a sensitive convict that beats off to playing Grand Theft Auto while blasting Taylor Swift in the background.
Him: oh yea, girl.

Ride it like you stole it....

For real tho because I really did steal this.
by fiercetigeress October 5, 2016
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