A handsome day dreamer with the softest eyes and cutest face. He looks like an angel and acts like a king full of wisdom.

He has a beautiful smile with perfect teeth and usually sports a beard. He almost looks like Jesus, but sexier.

He is talented in the arts, plays an instrument or two, sings, draws, and paints. He loves nature and animals.
I'm so in love with Yotam. He is the cutest, most handsomest, sexiest man ever.
by Iamdyan January 11, 2019
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A can be annoying, ignorant, shitty music liker. Doesn't know how to handle inside jokes. Usually doesn't know when to shut up, but that's why everyone loves him.
Hey look that Yotam looks like Paris Hilton's dog.
by Realmusic June 27, 2011
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A pale kid with brown hair and glasses. although not fat he usually has a fat ass. He also likes to think he’s mature although he definitely has not had puberty. He gets all the bitches if he has enough cash. Yotams have 2 inch hard pee pees 100% of the time.
by Killed by the cheese touch April 24, 2018
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