it can be yes or it can mean hi
by johnyhoff February 28, 2005
Yorp : 1. Constantly talking in a manner that gives no time for the listener to take it in......

Yorper: The person talking-

i.e Yorping
Yorper: - Speaking slightly incoherenty and far too fast....." Sorry I'm Yorping on again"

Listener: " What are you Yorping about?"

Yorper " I Yorp too much"
by Kendo777 July 1, 2010
"Say fellas, how 'bout a vacation this fall?"
"Gee, that'd be swell! How about Yorp? It's my favorite little country!"
by wizzywigtrollolo March 19, 2016
Cross between a yawn and a burp.
Oh my Charlotte! You did a yorp!
by #TeddyRose November 26, 2018